Author. Speaker. Expert in Generational Issues.


Dr. Jessica Kriegel is the author of Unfairly Labeled. A book that tackles the topic of managing millennials in the workforce head on by debunking the most common myths surrounding the concept of viewing employees through a lens biased by generational labels.


More than any other generation, the 80 million millennials in America have become the focus of countless books, blogs, and speaking engagements tackling how to manage, recruit, and connect with this latest group of workers. Most of this information is not only incorrect and misguided but can also cost you talented employees, according to Jessica Kriegel, who optimizes leadership development, team effectiveness, and organizational design at Oracle.

In this eye-opening examination of managing three generations of employees, she illustrates how generational labels lead us astray. Generational stereotypes are not sound wisdom they are unfair generalizations, and this groundbreaking guide to an enlightened level of interaction strips away the preconceptions associated with millennials, as well as generation Xers and baby boomers. Through illustrative case studies, the latest authoritative research, and firsthand experience, the author debunks our most common misconceptions about generational differences. Jessica examines how the most common stereotypes came into being along with research-based explaining why they are untrue. She also shares her personal toolkit, which you can use immediately to:

  • Effectually motivate employees without resorting to one-size-fits-all definitions.

  • Work with a tangible framework for inspiring performance management, including planning, reviewing, and developing employee performance.

  • Create more effective working relationships with your colleagues.

  • Gain clear, actionable insight into the myth of the digital native.