Part Two: Interview with Jessica Kriegel on IT Business Edge: Millennials May Not Be More Tech-Savvy Than You

Last week, I wrote about Jessica Kriegel, senior organization development consultant at Oracle, who argues that generational stereotypes, like the widespread notions we’ve all read about millennials as entitled, tech-savvy, structure-averse job-hoppers, are harmful to workplace fairness and productivity. In my interview with Kriegel, I also drilled down on the issue of stereotyping as it pertains to IT professionals, which warrants further discussion here.

I found Kriegel, a millennial herself, to be persuasive in her argument, which she makes in her new book, “Unfairly Labeled: How Your Workplace Can Benefit from Ditching Generational Stereotypes.” I also found her to be refreshingly candid. She didn’t miss a beat, for example, in responding to my question about what sorts of generational stereotyping she has found to be most common within Oracle:

Jessica Kriegel