Part One: Interview with Jessica Kriegel on IT Business Edge: Helpful Data Points or Harmful Stereotypes?

We’ve all heard the characterizations of millennials that have been recited ad nauseam by pundits, academics, and even millennials themselves. They have a sense of entitlement, because as kids they received trophies just for participating in soccer. As “digital natives,” they demand the instant gratification of consistent and timely feedback. They want a fast-paced, collaborative workshop environment, supplied with advanced technology. Sound familiar?


It certainly does to me. But as someone who has interviewed the sources behind these characterizations and written quite a bit on the topic, am I providing an informative, useful service that strengthens inter-generational understanding and collaboration, or perpetuating harmful stereotypes that create unfair biases and reduce productivity in the workplace? That’s the question I had to ask myself after speaking last week with Jessica Kriegel, senior organization development consultant at Oracle and author of the new book,“Unfairly Labeled: How Yo