Author Jessica Kriegel is a top organizational development and talent management pro—and it shows. This book is based on lots of academic research and yet is a very accessible read.

Kriegel believes Millennials have been unfairly stereotyped and argues that it’s arbitrary, counter-productive and discriminatory to do so. It’s hard to argue with her as she presents the “perceptions” and explains why they’re simply not true.

All this stereotyping is not conducive to running an efficient business. Unfortunately, Kriegel says, managers today are making decisions based on the belief that all Millennials think alike (which is ridiculous since they range from their teens to their 30s) and treating them homogeneously. And many, she says, are guilty of MSU (making stuff up).

As an antidote, Kriegel offers tips, advice and techniques to not only better manage Millennials, but to better run a multigenerational business, which is what most businesses have to do today.

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Generational thinking is fatally flawed and has fed the leadership development and coaching industry for far too long. In this fascinating book, Jessica Kriegel dispels the myths and mindless catchall stereotyping of people in the workplace. It's a must read for anyone tired of playing the generational differences game and serious about developing leaders and creating a culture of collaboration.

Dr. Salvatore Falletta

Program Director, Human Resources Development, Drexel University


Well-written - an interesting read that I would recommend to any manager.

Jenny Dearborn

Chief Learning Officer at SAP