Beyond Confidence: CEOs’ Crucial Dive into Culture’s Depths for 2024

The latest scoop from Heidrick & Struggles' "CEO and Board Confidence Monitor: A Worried Start to 2024" is more than just corporate gossip; it's a reality check with the power to transform how CEOs see their roles in today's ever-changing world. It zeroes in on a peculiar confidence among CEOs: 58% feel pretty solid about shaping their company cultures, which stands out in a sea of concerns ranging from market instability to cybersecurity threats. This study presents a golden opportunity to guide CEOs towards a deeper understanding of their evolving responsibilities and how they can navigate these with agility and foresight.  According to the report, most CEOs reckon they’ve got the culture piece down. They see its value, aim to lead it, and yet, there’s a snag. It seems there’s a bit of a mix-up on what driving a thriving culture really involves. They're confident, sure, but this report hints that there might be a gap in their understanding of culture's depth and breadth....

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How This Doctor’s Fight Against Obesity Is Revolutionizing Nutrition with Dr. Sherry Zhang

Dr. Sherry Zhang’s passion for genetics was fueled by personal experiences, driving her to explore the complex relationship between our genes and our diet. In this episode, she discusses her groundbreaking research on the FTO gene, known for its role in obesity, and how this research led her to establish a company that leverages genetic information to tailor dietary recommendations.

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Share A TEDx

Hello, culture leaders. Here is your weekly culture challenge for this week. Identify your favorite TEDx talk and share it with everyone on your team and then invite them to share their favorite TEDx talks. In an email only, we're not having another meeting about this, and then ask each person to identify why it's their favorite TEDx talk. And it's a cool, informal, asynchronous way to get to know each other a little bit more and promote a learning culture. Let me know how it goes.

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A Player

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your culture is let someone go. A players love working with A players and they really don't love working with C and D players. So if you have a team of A players and you're trying to coach along a C or D player because you're doing the right thing and coming from your heart, it can actually be shooting yourself in the foot. Sometimes you gotta get let go of the people who are not performing. So that you can make sure that the top talent who are passionate about your mission and driving results don't leave and your culture is preserved.

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When Rewarding Your Employees Backfires

Welcome to the corporate twilight zone, where hitting $10 billion in sales is celebrated with... stale cookies. Yes, you read that right. Sephora, in its infinite wisdom, decided that the best way to commemorate an epic sales milestone was by dispatching cookies to its workforce. This move wasn’t just tone-deaf; it was a slap in the face, served stale.  Sephora Made 10 Million in Revenue and Rewards Staff With Cookies This isn't merely about the disappointment of expecting a bonus and receiving a cookie instead; it's a glaring neon sign pointing to the colossal disconnect between corporate...

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How This Teacher Made Education Go Viral with TED-Ed Director Logan Smalley

The innovative founding director of TED-Ed, Logan Smalley, shares his inspiring journey in fostering global curiosity and education through creative storytelling. As a visionary in the field of educational content, Smalley has been instrumental in transforming the landscape of learning, emphasizing the role of curiosity as a driving force in educational advancement.

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Meeting Apocalypse

Hello, culture leaders. Here is your weekly culture challenge. I'd like you to go through your calendar and identify every single recurring meeting that exists and think deeply about whether or not they're necessary, whether or not they need to be as long as they are, whether or not the people that are on that invite are necessary to attend, or if they're just on there because they've been on there for so long, and talk about it with the people in those meetings because oftentimes we over schedule ourselves. With checkpoints and meetings and Zoom calls that are totally unnecessary and they...

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Be The Lion

Be the work lion. And I'm talking about your work spirit animal. There's lots of different working styles. And my style is the lion style, which I think is the best style. The lions stalk their prey. They have a target in mind. They come up with a plan. They sprint to attack. And once they've achieved what they're trying to go after, they make sure everyone in the den eats and then they rest. And that's what I'm doing right now in January is I'm easing back into work after sprinting at the end of 2023. Now there are other spirit animals that you might embody. There's the bull who's always...

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Hear Their Words, But Watch Their Actions: The Real Lessons from Tech’s Top CEOs 

In the high-octane world of tech, giants like Amazon and Meta are not just moving the goalposts; they're playing a completely different game. Amazon, under the no-nonsense leadership of Andy Jassy, has been breaking its own financial records, turning the last quarter of 2023 into a showcase of what happens when aggressive growth meets ruthless cost-cutting. Yes, we're talking about the same Amazon that made headlines for slashing thousands of jobs in what was the tech spectacle of the year. And then there's Meta, Zuckerberg's brainchild, which despite hemorrhaging billions into the...

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Miki Agrawal: How to Build Authentic, Purpose-Driven Brands

Miki Agrawal is an innovative entrepreneur, continually pushing the boundaries of traditional business models. As a founder, Agrawal has carved a unique path, bringing authenticity and revolutionary ideas to address unspoken societal needs. Her ventures span from revolutionizing menstrual products to transforming bathroom hygiene, each marked by a strong commitment to sustainability and positive change.

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Connect With Toxic Colleagues

Hello, Culture Leaders. Here is your culture challenge for the week. Think of the most toxic person that you work with on a regular basis and call them. Say, hey, I just wanted to connect, wanted to see what you're working on, and if there's anything I can do to support you and see what happens, maybe something in your relationship dynamic will change. Maybe not, but tell me how it goes at the end of the week.

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A Culture for All Generations

Disrupting the way we think about generations to attract, engage, and retain all employees

There’s a real benefit in dismantling the perceptions behind Gen Z or X, or whatever the next trendy label is! Citing extensive academic research from her book, Unfairly Labeled, Jessica provides a refreshingly enlightening and data-driven perspective on how multi-generational organizations can strip away stereotypes and and biases that hinder performance and prevent progress toward a common purpose.