Decline of Return to Office

by | Jan 8, 2024

Return to office is dead.

Thank goodness the wicked witch is dead.

The decline in working from home has plateaued in 2023, says a Stanford economist.

So what does that mean? It means we’ve reached stable levels in the percentage of workers who are going into the office versus working from home.

So this push to return to the office has stopped pushing, so to speak.

This economist says and predicts that barring some catastrophic event, like another pandemic, that we’re actually gonna start to see an increase in working from home.

Why? Because corporations always win. That’s interesting. What do I mean by corporations always win?

Well, corporations are winning because of the work from home strategy. They’re saving money. Retention is down, and what works is what sticks.

So even though you have very loud CEOs saying hat they want people back in the office, the corporations who are allowing people to work from home are seeing better results and that is going to prevail.

So I believe in 2024, that rate of working from home will probably continue to stay stable and eventually, maybe even at towards the end of the year, you’re gonna start to see it go up.

So for those of you who love working from home, don’t worry.

What’s good for business usually wins out.