Your Company’s Culture Can Benefit From Just One Word

From The Wall Street Journal this week, "The New Most Dreaded Word at Work: ‘Hey’" dives into how simple, context-free messages like "hey" are stirring up quite the emotional storm in the workplace. You can check out the full piece here.  The article does a great job exploring why these short messages can be so stressful, but I think there's more to it. The unease that "hey" brings up might not just be about the awkward pause that follows; it could be a sign of deeper trust and cultural issues at work.  When a simple "hey" causes worry, it often points to bigger concerns about the health of an organization's culture and the trust between its people. If employees feel secure and trust their...

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Resenteeism is the new black

Resenteeism is the latest workplace term our media has latched onto to decode the mystery of the modern workplace. Funnily enough it was invented by...

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How to Get People to Give a Sh*t

My Tedx talk, “How to Get People to Give a Sh*t,” came out a couple days ago!!!   The goal? To slice through the corporate fluff and get real about...

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A Culture for All Generations

Disrupting the way we think about generations to attract, engage, and retain all employees

There’s a real benefit in dismantling the perceptions behind Gen Z or X, or whatever the next trendy label is! Citing extensive academic research from her book, Unfairly Labeled, Jessica provides a refreshingly enlightening and data-driven perspective on how multi-generational organizations can strip away stereotypes and and biases that hinder performance and prevent progress toward a common purpose.

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