Gen Z’s Failure To Thrive is Our Fault 

There’s a growing number of Gen Zers who are deciding that traditional paths to adulthood aren’t for them. Instead of pursuing higher education or joining the workforce, they’re choosing to become NEETs—Not in Employment, Education, or Training. This trend is creating a surge in youth unemployment globally and raising serious questions about the future of work.  According to the International Labour Organization, one in five people aged 15 to 24 were NEETs in 2023. In Spain alone, over half a million young people are neither studying nor working. Meanwhile, in the UK, almost three million Gen Zers have become economically inactive, with a significant increase since the COVID-19 pandemic. ...

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Resenteeism is the new black

Resenteeism is the latest workplace term our media has latched onto to decode the mystery of the modern workplace. Funnily enough it was invented by...

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How to Get People to Give a Sh*t

My Tedx talk, “How to Get People to Give a Sh*t,” came out a couple days ago!!!   The goal? To slice through the corporate fluff and get real about...

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Culture Fit is a Myth 

For too long, buzzwords like "culture fit" have become the holy grail of hiring and organizational harmony. Yet, as we peel back the layers of what...

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A Culture for All Generations

Disrupting the way we think about generations to attract, engage, and retain all employees

There’s a real benefit in dismantling the perceptions behind Gen Z or X, or whatever the next trendy label is! Citing extensive academic research from her book, Unfairly Labeled, Jessica provides a refreshingly enlightening and data-driven perspective on how multi-generational organizations can strip away stereotypes and and biases that hinder performance and prevent progress toward a common purpose.

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