Dr. Jessica Kriegel

Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture at Culture Partners

Dr. Jessica Kriegel is driven by data and defined by results.  She transforms corporate culture for success.  As seen on CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, FOX Business, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and more,  Jessica is a household name for all workplace, labor, leadership, women in the workplace, and job markets. Her renowned “Culture Equation” was acquired by Culture Partners in 2021, where she is currently Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture.

As a member of the executive team at Culture Partners, Jessica leads groundbreaking research, strategy, and innovation alongside institutions like Stanford University.

Culture Partners is reshaping the DNA of Fortune 10 and Fortune 500 companies to increase revenue, drive sales, and ensure retention.

With a Doctoral degree in Human Resources Development, Educational Leadership, and Management from Drexel University, Jessica is one of the few women in her space uncovering the uncharted territories of culture and leadership. As a single mom, she is also a fierce advocate for women in the workplace and designing a job that works for you—not a job you work for.

Her groundbreaking research is detailed in her debut book “Unfairly Labeled,” a manifesto for equality and transformation in the modern workplace and disrupting the narrative that Baby Boomers and Gen Z are misaligned in the workplace. It is her mission to dispel the stereotype that unfairly labels workers today.  She is also host of the show Culture Leaders: uncovering the magic behind the masters of movements, a show about how change catches fire for real transformation.

As a keynote speaker who is a force on the stage nationally and internationally, Jessica leads with a data-driven approach that amplifies revenue and results. With an MBA and fluency in three languages, Jessica is an advocate for progress, innovation, and data-fueled transformation. 

In a world where culture isn’t just a concept but a catalyst, Jessica is scripting a narrative of evolution, empowerment, and enduring success.

Keynote Engagements

“Jessica was the highest-rated speaker at our annual conference. She rocked the house!”

Kevin Oakes

Ceo of I4CP

Transforming Accountability

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We asked Dr. Jessica Kriegel to speak at the 2023 Rheem Global Supplier Conference in Atlanta in October of 2023. The room was full of over 400 guests from nearly 200 of the company’s suppliers from all around the world. The industry is challenged with the changing work culture and talent wars. For an hour, Dr. Jessica had the room’s full attention sharing incredible research data and a contagious enthusiasm for what culture can be and should be, and the impact it can have on business results. She is incredibly talented and delivered a relevant message of impact, resulting in high marks from attendee surveys. I could not recommend her highly enough for future events.

Michelle Caldwell

Senior Marketing Manager, Rheem Manufacturing