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Dr. Jessica Kriegel is a frequent contributor to national media providing insights on data-driven culture strategy, cultivating workplace accountability, and advocating for women in leadership.


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The State of Women in the Workplace

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What is Quiet Quitting and Quiet Firing?


AI, Mass Layoffs, and Power


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The Negative Culture Impact of Layoffs

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Cyberloafing and “Bare-Minimum Monday”

Culture Publications

Dive deeper into the culture strategies that successful companies deploy.

Unfairly Labeled:

How Your Workplace Can Benefit from Ditching Generational Stereotypes

The Culture Equation:

How Much is Your Culture Worth?

Video Podcast Available Now!

The Culture Equation®

How to build an intentional workplace culture that powers your strategy and drives growth

In this keynote, Dr. Jessica Kriegel presents original research done in partnership with Stanford that demonstrates how you can create an intentional culture to realize significant growth in revenue. Through data science, case studies, and humor, she presents an engaging and practical four-step process to achieve real business results through the power of culture. The Culture Equation is the key realizing real growth and demystifying the “woo” of culture.

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Unlocking Success with The Culture Equation®

While organizations often prioritize strategy over culture, it's essential to realize just how much of a positive impact culture can have on business outcomes.

Through the Culture Equation, you can seamlessly align purpose, strategy, and culture to amplify desired results. Jump-start your culture transformation through a two-day Culture Equation Workshop or embark on a multi-year Culture Equation Journey, depending on your immediate goals.