Cascading Goals

by | Apr 29, 2024

If you’re a leader at a big company, you probably know about cascading goals. The executives at the top of the organization come up with the big lofty goals for the entire organization and each department cascades those goals in some way to identify how they’re contributing to the greater good. Well have you done anything around cascading purpose or cascading culture? That’s the next frontier in the future of management.

We need to figure out how the purpose that is at the top of the organization, which is usually some lofty purpose to impact the world in a positive way, how is that translated to the people in the commercial operations department? How is that translated to the people in accounting? Because so often I hear employees talk about, well, I’m not impacting the world in that way. I’m just in collections.

And if that is your mentality, then it makes for a much less meaningful time at work. So as leaders, don’t just cascade goals, cascade purpose, and cascade culture.