Non-Compete Agreements

by | May 6, 2024

I was working with a client last week and found a fairly toxic dynamic happening within the organization. And I was speaking one -on -one with a leader in that organization. And they asked, why do you stay? Given what we’re seeing here, what keeps you here? And that leader said, non -compete agreement. I’m trapped. Now, the FTC just announced that they have ruled to ban non -competes. And potentially in August,

Those non -competes might go away, maybe, maybe not. That’s another conversation to have whether or not it’ll actually go through. If it does go through though, this is going to mean that your culture will be more important than ever because if that non -compete didn’t exist for that particular leader, they would be gone. If they worked in a culture that was functional and uplifting and fulfilling, then they would definitely stay. Culture is going to be the differentiator for you, especially if you’re currently,

relying on the shackles of non -competes to keep your top performers working for you. So keep that in mind, CEOs, if you’ve got some disgruntled top performers that are only there because of non -compete clauses, you’ve got some work to do.