Feedback For Me

by | Dec 4, 2023

Hello, Culture Leaders. Here is your culture challenge for this week.

Call someone and ask them what feedback they have for you. Someone that you maybe worked with on a project recently. Not your best friend at work. Not your boss. Someone that is a peer of yours that you want to get some candid feedback from. And don’t say “Do you have any feedback for me?” Ask them in these words: “What feedback do you have for me?” – because it gets them to give you an answer.

It’s really easy to say “No, I don’t have any feedback,” when the question is “Do you have any feedback?” That’s a “yes” or “no” question. But if you say “What feedback do you have for me?” it lends itself to actually getting some feedback, which is going to be a wonderful learning experience for you, and is the first step in creating a feedback culture.

So, ask someone “What feedback do you have for me?” And then post in the comments what your experience was, what feedback you got, and if you learned anything from it.


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